The 101 Insights

For Your Personal and Spiritual Growth

The popular 101 Insights softcover book is the highly personal account of Phil Walmsley’s connection with a higher source. Financially, emotionally and spiritually broke Phil was blessed with “incoming messages” that assisted him in transitioning his life. This is the true story of the wise messages. The author is now sharing these 101 Insights so that he may assist others who desire more prosperity, love and happiness in their own life.

“I found the book had a lot of wisdom, presented in a easy to read, and accessible way. I’ve read more than a few “self-help” books and I often find them built around a phoney-feeling mysticism.

Walmsley’s book ventures into the metaphysical without feeling contrived. It reminded me that there is meaning in all the events of our lives and personal growth comes though examining those moments. I’d recommend it as a non-pretentious guide to a more enlightened view of life.” – Shane Sparks

Insight 1

Be proud of and use your strengths!
The lessons you have chosen to learn in the
past will serve you well. They were necessary.
They made you …read more


Insight 39

Look at your commitments. When you say you are committed to creating something or receiving something are you committed to having this or are your commitments “wishful thinking”?…read more


Insight 53

Letting go of the past cannot be done by holding on to the past! To let go is to
let go. You cannot sell your old car and keep it too. Trust that after you have let go…
read more

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Phil walmsley was born in England and moved to Canada at the age of 1. Married with four children and 4 grandchildren. Phil’s passion is having people create awesome lives form themselves. Through his desire to better himself emotionally and spiritually Phil wrote the 101 Insights.. He has a love of ice hockey and baseball. He resides in Saltair British Columbia on Vancouver Island, British Columbia